VSYS Tokens Introduction

Our token contract is designed for extreme simplicity, security, and reliability. V Systems users can register new tokens in minutes and deploy them for just 100 VSYS.

Token Features

Incremental Issuance

You can create a token contract with a million tokens and issue those million tokens one at a time if you'd like.


Anyone can check the state of a VSYS token contract and know exactly what it is without referencing the code.

Payment Channel

This is a way of making cryptocurrency transactions without writing them to the blockchain.

No Code Deployment

Users issuing tokens on VSYS do not need to write a single line of code, and do not need to have their token contract audited by a third party before launch.

Non-Fungible Tokens

NFT token support allows developers to implement unique tokens for a myriad of use cases. Anything from concert tickets, store coupons, discount coupons, tokenized real-estate, antique statues and much more can now be safely and securely tokenized on the V Systems blockchain. To learn more about V Systems Non-Fungible.

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