The Supply

The genesis block produced 5,142,858,000 VSYS Coins, then annually produces a fixed around 283,824,000 VSYS Coins, issued through supernode minting, with a inflation rate around 5% which decreases every year.

VSYS Coins are burnt during transaction, deflation may occur as a result.

VSYS coins are the cryptocurrency on V SYSTEMS blockchain. Following the V SYSTEMS mainnet launch in November 2018, VSYS coins will be used to pay transaction fees, supernode functions, leasing and minting. The VSYS coins will also be used to access applications built on the V SYSTEMS network, such as smart contracts, side chain, cross chain, and DApps, as well as pay for resources usage for projects built on V SYSTEMS decentralized database cloud.
VSYS Coin on Exchanges
We are discussing coin listing with leading global exchanges.
If your exchange would like to list VSYS coins, please email [email protected].

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