Re-Architect Blockchain,
De-Centralize Finance
The Blockchain Database Cloud by Sunny King, Creator of PoS.
What is V SYSTEMS?
V SYSTEMS (also known as VSYS) is a blockchain database cloud project that aims to create a brand new digital economy era. The project will deliver the world's first object-oriented general purpose distributed database, which is empowered to carry complex decentralized applications.
Decentralized Database and Application
Decentralized and scalable database and application with blockchain technology is in high demand in areas such as banking, asset management, trading, contracts, etc. We provide custom solutions for businesses and organizations with decentralized cloud platforms.
Blockchain Development Platform
We provide development platforms for application developers to instantly create blockchains. The platform has a modular structure that supports multiple consensus algorithms.
User-friendly Blockchain Creation
Our user-friendly blockchain creation platform significantly lowers the entry barrier for blockchain development, easing the burden for developers while exceeding project requirements.
What is SPoS?
Supernode Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) consensus is Sunny King's new innovation, a major pillar that V SYSTEMS is built upon.
Performance-oriented Evolution
SPoS is designed with enough incentives for supernodes to upgrade hardware and therefore continuously improve the network performance to support large scale growth of decentralized applications.
Minting Economy and Self Governance
Supernodes minters produce blocks using both their own coins and coins leased by other users. A reward in the form of interest will be paid to the owners of leased coins. Since equal minting right gives supernodes equal standing and output, an equilibrium exists as a built-in force to equalize the ecosystem and thus solves the threat of centralization as seen in Bitcoin and other PoS ecosystems.
No Barrier to Participate in Minting
By introducing a pioneering account balance measure known as Minting Average Balance, V SYSTEMS is able to support stake liquidity and resolve busy contention attacks. The high liquidity removes the entry barrier for users who would like to participate in minting while ensuring the security of the network.
Open Platform
Open to all blockchain technologies. Promote a healthy and competitive environment for a variety of blockchain technologies and ideas.
Facilitate a more efficient creation of new blockchain apps with advanced cloud tools that help blockchain developers focus on business logic.
Optimized for database application, modular architecture, micro services, and industry standard REST API.
Blockchain Apps on V SYSTEMS
Digital Arts
Voting AA
Digital Assets
Smart Contract
Identity Management
Discussed V SYSTEMS' original ideas and goals.
Posted “Excelsia Project” on in October.
Finished the first version of technical whitepaper.
Project website launched.
Finished our 9 cities global tech roadshow.
Announced our SPoS consensus.
V SYSTEMS mainnet and wallet went live.
Supernodes operation went live.
Expanded ecosystem partners.
VSYS coin lists on exchanges.
Next generation smart contract launch.
Blockchain database launch.
Cloud and modular design launch.
Decentralized mobile internet launch.
Support enterprise level decentralized application.
Full update. V SYSTEMS will grow beyond imagination.

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