Blockchain for enterprises

Why should enterprises adopt blockchain?

81 of the top 100 global companies have embraced blockchain technology to achieve improved business efficiency, transparency, and security. Blockchain can used for secure information exchange, asset tracking and management, digital identification, digitalization of documents and records, as well as tokenization.

V Systems can help companies and institutions start adopting blockchain technology in an easy and customized way. By relying on a team of blockchain veterans, organizations can keep up with global innovation trends, optimize budget spending, and create sustainable businesses.

The pros of using V Systems


The V Systems’ Supernodes help avoid server maintenance costs and downtimes.


Transfer assets through the blockchain in a fast way and at low costs.


Our innovative Supernode Proof of Stake prevents 51% attacks and upholds the highest standards of security.

How to Get Started?

Check out our resources to start building on V Systems. We provide ready-to-use templates to assess suitability.


Learn how to start a Supernode, build wallets or write smart contracts.

V Systems Mainnet Node

Learn how to start a node on the mainnet.

V Systems Testnet Node

Learn how to start local development environment on the Testnet.

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VSYS Enterprise Services

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V Systems’ platform company – Coded Solution – can help businesses enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology through infrastructure development, tokenization, DAOs, and more.

Our ecosystem partners

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