“No code”  Contracts

Use the V Systems’ contracts in your applications, games, and systems, without having to write any code.

  • No-code: All of our contracts are code-free

  • Reliable: There is one canonical version of each contract baked directly into our software

  • Secure: We have already audited them to ensure top security and safety

  • Easy to use: Our smart contracts are like re-usable templates

  • Modular: Composable and reusable primitives

VSYS Smart Contracts

Token Contract

Register new personal tokens on the chain – fast and cheap.

Lock Contract

Lock funds for a user-defined period of time before they can be retrieved.

Swap Contract

Automated market-making protocol to regulate prices according to a constant product formula.

Automatic Swap Contract

Exchange coins between different blockchains without any intermediate tokens or third parties.

V Option Contract

Enable token derivatives trading on the V Systems blockchain, including leverage, perpetual, and options trading.

Escrow Contract

Enable transactions through a trusted third party – the programmatic contract – that ensures the correct execution of the transaction.

If you need a feature or contract for your product and you can't create it with our existing Smart Contract primitives, please tell us about it. We'd love to learn more about your needs – because others probably feel the same. For example, we created our payment channels on the Mainnet because Tachyon needed faster and cheaper transactions.

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