Supernodes for super efficiency

Supernode Proof-of-Stake, also known as SPoS, is designed to allow for high scalability and transaction throughput while upholding high standards of security. Thanks to its special architecture, it ensures high resistance to 51% attacks.

Introduction to Supernodes Artwork

Supernode Proof of Stake (sPoS)

SPoS is the native consensus mechanism used on the V Systems chain.

High scalability

SPoS can scale flexibly according to demand. We can increase to 30 Supernodes and reduce the block time to 2s, or increase to 60 Supernodes and reduce the block time to 1s.


V Systems uses Supernodes for cold minting, separating the keys for minting (online) and ownership (offline). This guarantees maximized asset security.


There are 60 minting slots defined, each corresponding to a specific second within the minute to make the system more predictable and stable.


SPoS incentives are high enough to allow Supernodes to regularly update hardware and develop software that enables new distribution schemes.

Why Supernodes instead of Full nodes?

The PoW and PoS mechanisms are famous for making scalability difficult. Both lack incentives for nodes to perform hardware upgrades, and both promote the random process of block generation.

Our Supernodes address these issues. VSYS Supernodes act as minting pools powered by the VSYS staked by holders. At the same time, Supernodes can compete with each other according to their Minting Average Balance (MAB)*. The best-performing Supernode wins. By doing so, we can ensure the quality of the nodes while preserving decentralization.

· Built-in Supernode quality assurance · Distributed power among VSYS holders · Enhanced, self-sustaining stake liquidity

Supernodes vs Full nodes artwork

Become a Supernode Minter

You can participate in minting and become a Supernode by contending an existing Supernode with a MAB* lower than yours. The nodes with the highest accumulated MAB are the Supernodes that participate in minting and earning new coins from the network.

Supernodes set their policies for how to reward their user communities. They configure servers, set commission fees, and determine how to reward their stakers. If you're technically skilled and think that you can gather enough traction from the V Systems community, you can set up a Full Node.

Become a Supernode minter in 3 steps
  • You can apply to become a Supernode minter any time

  • Supernode Minters produce blocks using both their own coins and coins leased by other users

  • A reward will be paid to the minter as well as to the VSYS holders who joined the minting process

Supernodes Whitepaper

Learn more about how the Supernode Proof of Stake mechanism works in our whitepaper.

*About Minting Average Balance (MAB)

Minting Average Balance, or MAB, is a new concept introduced with Supernode Proof-of-Stake. MAB is similar to coin age: when some coins are transferred or leased to a new address, the MAB of these coins starts at zero and grows as new blocks are generated. Coin age hits its maximum after 86400 blocks are generated. With 15 current supernodes generating blocks, MAB reaches its maximum after about 4 days. If a candidate node accumulates enough MAB from leasing stakeholders, the node will then have the opportunity to “contend” an existing supernode, potentially replacing it. The threat of replacement ensures that supernodes are always incentivized to keep stakeholders happy by maintaining a high standard of service and contributing to the overall health of the VSYS ecosystem.

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