Introduction to SuperNodes

Supernode Proof-of-Stake, also known as SPoS, is an efficient distributed consensus algorithm with high resistance to 51% attacks. SPoS is designed to allow for high scalability and transaction throughput while retaining as many favorable features of Proof-of-Stake as possible.

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SuperNodes vs Full Nodes

The biggest difference compared to the conventional 'Full Nodes' is that 'Supernodes' act as minting pools in the minting economy by generating blocks to obtain rewards and benefit the VSYS Coin holders. They contribute to keep the V Systems blockchain highly efficient and provide a stable network for sustainable development.

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Scalable and Stable Virtual Economy

Supernode minters produce blocks using both their own coins and coins leased by other users. A reward in the form of interest will be paid to the VSYS Coin owners. Since equal minting right gives supernodes equal standing and output, an equilibrium exists as a built-in force to equalize the ecosystem and thus solves the threat of centralization as seen in Bitcoin and other PoS ecosystems.


SPoS incentives are high enough to allow Supernodes to regularly update hardware and develop software that enables new distribution schemes.


There are 60 minting slots defined, each corresponding to a specific second within the minute to make the system more predictable and stable. Equal minting right of the minting slots gives the supernodes equal standing and minting output in the network


SPoS scales with demand. In our software, it is a simple change to increase the number of Supernodes to 30 and reduce block time to 2 seconds, or increase the number of Supernodes to 60 and reduce block time to 1 second.


V Systems uses supernodes for cold minting, which is more secure and flexible than the original PoS system.


Minting Average Balance guarantees stake liquidity. Stakers can spend or transfer their stake at any time of their choice.

Operating a Supernode and Traditional Minting

The right to participate in minting and become a supernode is obtained by contending an existing supernode with an MAB lower than yours. The nodes with the highest accumulated MAB level are the Supernodes that participate in minting and earn new coins from the network. Supernodes set their own individual policies for how to reward their user communities.

Join Us as a Supernode candidate

Supernodes configure servers, set commission fees, and determine how to reward their unique communities. If you're technically skilled and think that you can raise the needed support from the V Systems community, please set up a Full Node and Complete the Supernode application now!

Hardware Requirements for Supernodes can be found in our Wiki.

Other Ways to Mint VSYS Coins

If you are a VSYS Coin Holder. It is easy for VSYS coin holders to participate in the creation of new tokens with just a few clicks. There is no need to run a Supernode, and you can stop staking at any time. Read more about our Walk Wallet to learn how to Mint VSYS coins from your wallet now!

If you are a Team of VSYS Advocates

Independent community-based organizations that act as a bridge between coin holders and Supernodes can apply to become a VSYS ambassador.

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